The Finnish Society for the History of Education is a scientific association that was founded in 1935. The society promotes historical research concerning education and training and supports interests in such in Finland.

The society publishes the peer-reviewed journal, Kasvatus & Aika (Education & Time), which is published quarterly. The articles are primarily in Finnish, but the Journal also includes texts in both Swedish and English. The Society has also published its own yearbook since 1935. The 2023 Yearbook was the 60th such book.

The society organizes lectures, seminars and conferences. In addition, it operates in cooperation with other actors in the field, such as the Finnish National Agency for Education and the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies.

The most recent project of the society is linked to the collection of education-related memory data. The purpose is to collect reminiscence material which displays changes concerning Finnish schools. The objective is to clarify how both former and current teachers and former students have experienced their education and its changes. Such material is not only valuable in terms of self-understanding of the field, but also, specifically, for research purposes.